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How to Cape a Deer


The following should help you get your trophy ready for a full shoulder mount. This pertains to deer, elk, moose, bear, wild boar, fox, coyote, squirrel, rabbit, etc.

Cut 1 Cut a circle completely around the deer making sure you are behind the front leg.

Cut 2 Start this cut between the ears about 4 inches down from the horns. Cut straight down the back of the neck, until you get to cut 1.

Cut 3 Start this cut about 3 inches down the leg and go completely around the leg.

Cut 4 This is the most important cut. Start at the OUT-SIDE of cut 3, and go until you get to cut 1 just like the picture shows.

Now just peel the skin all the way down until you get to the head. Saw off the head and roll off the cape making sure to keep the hair on the outside. DO NO SALT, and keep the hide


Deer Weight Chart
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Last modified: 11/04/15