Dead Hogs in the Hog Trap!

The portable Wild Hog Trap is an essential part of any white tail deer management.

The portable Redneck Guru Hog trap, it is easy to assemble and can be broken down into 5 flat pieces for easy transport and above all, built to last.  

The four sides and top are all bolted together to be easily assembled on your hunting location.  Our swing gate eliminates deer from entering the trap and eating all of the corn.  Our swing gate allows hogs to enter but they do not check out.  It is constructed with two inch angle iron and 4 inch welded hog panels. The panels are welded to the angle iron, eliminating any hog from escaping.  The trap is 4 feet wide, 6 feet long and 4 feet high.  There are four, five eight holes on the two long sides to stake the trap down, eliminating the need for a bottom in the trap.

Our Wild Hog Trap Is Easy To Relocate To Where The Hogs Are Running

The total weight of our trap is approximately 200 lbs.  Our trap is designed to hold small pigs to LARGE boars.  Our trap can be transported easily and therefore efferent in eliminating wild hogs.  You will be able to move our trap to where the wild hogs are and not have to wait for them to find bait in another area of your property.

Redneck Guru Wild Hog Trap
Redneck Guru Wild Hog Trap
Dead Hogs in the Hog Trap!

Redneck Guru Wild Hog Trap

Price:  $700

Shipping:  $150


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